Kenya AB HoneyBush


Roast: Light

Varietal: SL 28 & 34, Ruiru 11

Caffeine Content: Mild

Taste: Buttery, Caramel & Molasses

Aroma: Blackcurrant & Caramel

Body: High

Farm: Co-op Farm

Altitude -  1500-1700 Metres Above Sea Level

Processing - Handpicked, Disc pulped , Fully washed  - Sun dried on elevated tables.

This coffee is from Iyego farmers coop washing station, funded by a charitable foundation through “global coffee village”. Honey Bush is a brand out of the coop for the AB Grade
“The Kenyan Highlands are, from an agricultural perspective, one of the most productive regions in Africa. On its highest point, Mount Kenya, being the second highest peak of Africa, glaciers can be found. In the valleys and lowlands, parts of the country suffer from desertification. However harsh this contrast is, this landscape supports plentiful and rich wildlife of both scientific and economic value.
Kenya is one of the classic coffee-producing countries of East Africa, well-known for it’s the high quality of its coffees. Currently, the domestic coffee market is liberalizing, and new opportunities for producers are emerging.

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