Steel City Blend


Roast: Dark

Varietal: Bourbon & Typica

Caffeine Content : Mild

Taste: Bonfire Toffee, Maple Sweetness

Aroma: Bonfire Toffee & toast Maple Syrup

Body: High

Farm: Co-op Farm, RainForrest Allaince

Altitude -  1500-1700 Metres Above Sea Level

Processing - Aged over 6years in Jute bags, hand picked & Fully Washed .

This is a pure Aribica blend with two Great Coffees, 50% Indonesia Old Brown Java & 50% Brazilian Santos. The inspiration came from Sheffield's two Tinsley Cooling Towers, which was a famous sheffield land mark and  inspired me to make this brew. It is an easy drink with a rich mouthfeel, plenty of body and a great taste that Yorkshire folk know and love!!!

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