Cold Brewing Coffee may be a trend but it has been around for a while as far as i can find it goes back around 150 years to japan random fact !


So Cold Brewing coffee is made using cold water instead of hot and over 18-24hours to extract all the flavours of the coffee.

which bybasses the bitterness. it is then filtered resulting in a rich full flavour brew.

So as far as our version i use the very popular single origin peru tunki which has the most face filling chocolate flavour with slight nuttness AKA Snickers bar !!


As far as drinking it sky the limit but here are some ideas


* straight out of the bottle if your a caffiene addict like me 


* can microwave in cup to have a hot coffee that tastes insane (Sounds like your breaking rules but its really good)


* Over ice with a cream or baileys 


enjoy this rieght good brew 



Cold Brew Coffee

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