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Introduction of Your Defense Speech

In this part, it is imperative to indicate the relevance of the topic, goals and objectives, briefly describe the subject and object, clearly formulate the idea submitted for defense.

Main material

In this section, it is important to focus on the practical part. It is important to provide the commission with substantiated and reasoned conclusions, accompanying them with graphic materials. You should also indicate the developed action plan, which should improve the operation of the facility.


In this part, you should not get carried away with retelling all the previous subparagraphs. It is better to focus on testing the results, the practical significance of the work, and the effectiveness of the proposed activities. The text of the speech should be competent, coherent, logical, capacious and concise. Therefore, simply copying individual fragments of the WRC will not help to create a perfect performance.

Try to show your individuality and creativity. The main thing is not to overdo it with the "creative". For example, a speech can be accompanied by a presentation, graphic materials, original diagrams, etc. To make speech perfect, rehearse it. It will be better if during the runs there will be relatives or friends who will appreciate you from the outside, point out your strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of your speech, thank the members of the examination committee for their attention. Never read your report. It is important to tell it, you can occasionally peep into the text.

Graduates also recommend printing the report (the text of the speech) in several copies in order to provide it to the examiners if necessary. It is impossible to study a thesis in 10-15 minutes, but it is quite understandable to get acquainted with the essence of the research, the speech of a graduate student or student, evaluate his professionalism, knowledge and skills, oratorical qualities and organizational skills.

A successful dissertation defense depends not only on a successful speech, but also on a neat appearance. Try to get enough sleep before this event, put on a business suit and stay calm.

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