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Coffee Roast

Grind Guide


Our coffee is ground coarsely and works well for cold brewing. The term "cafetière" is used, but it can also be referred to as a French press, plunger, or press pot.


Our coffee is ideal for brewing a long, filter-style coffee that is typically brewed for several minutes, similar to the paper filter setting.

The Aeropress is also ideal for brewing a short, concentrated coffee to get a similar effect as an espresso-style grind.


This coffee grind works well with our paper filters, as well as ceramic or plastic cones and other brands like V60, Clever Dripper, and Melitta.


This coffee grind is perfect for espresso-style brewing and can be used in hob-top espresso pots like Bialetti or Grunwerg, commonly known as moka pots


This is a fine grind suitable for use in a home espresso machine.


A syphon is a type of coffee brewing method that uses vacuum pressure to extract the coffee. It consists of two chambers - the lower chamber holds water, and the upper chamber holds the ground coffee. The water is heated to boiling point, which creates steam that pushes the water up into the upper chamber, where it mixes with the coffee grounds. Once the heat source is removed, the resulting vacuum pulls the brewed coffee back down into the lower chamber. The syphon method is known for producing a clean and flavourful cup of coffee.

Whole beans

This coffee is meant for use in a home grinder. If you're interested in grinding your coffee fresh at home, we offer one for £70 that we personally recommend.



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