The 2022 Christmas Roast: A Blend of Timor Leste & Colombia

For the 2022 Christmas Roast, a blend of Timor Leste & Colombia was chosen. Both farms boasted incredible cupping scores, ranging from Timor Leste's 87.5 to Colombia's high 88.5.

The 2022 Christmas blend is a rich, smooth, and flavourful coffee that invites consumers to sit down, sip, and discover its many tastes. The dominant flavours are chocolate and citrus, but with a subtle hint of pineapple if you look for it. The coffee boasts a velvety mouthfeel, without any tobacco flavour. Upon tasting, you will be immediately struck by the richness of chocolate combined with the bright acidity of citrus fruits.

This blend is a testament to the high cupping score of our Christmas roast, showcasing the complex flavours that can be found in quality coffee. The higher the quality of the coffee, the more complexity it will have, and with an average cupping score of 88, this roast is a prime example of this.


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