Indulge in the Ultimate Coffee Experience with Full Monty Blend!

Our Full Monty Blend is the crown jewel of our coffee offerings, a harmonious blend of the finest Central American, African, and Indonesian coffee beans. This blend is not only our best-seller, but it's also the perfect all-around coffee for those who appreciate a well-balanced cup.

Named after Sheffield's famous movie, Full Monty pays homage to our roots as the first roastery in the same area where the movie was filmed. The name speaks to the full-bodied flavour of this coffee, which is sure to satisfy with every sip. Whether you prefer your coffee with a splash of milk or black, Full Monty's smooth and well-rounded flavour profile cuts through with ease.

So why settle for a bland and mediocre cup of coffee when you can have the ultimate coffee experience with Full Monty Blend? Try a cup today and taste the difference for yourself!


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