Savor the Decaf Delight of Peru Santa Cruz with a Clean Conscience!

Peru Santa Cruz decaf coffee is unlike any other, decaffeinated using the innovative Carbonated Water method. This method allows the coffee to retain its natural flavor profile while removing the caffeine. The unroasted coffee is gently immersed in warm water, causing it to expand. The water is then carbonated, attracting the caffeine molecules and allowing them to be removed.

What sets this method apart is its organic and zero-waste approach. Unlike traditional decaf methods that use harmful chemicals, the Carbonated Water method leaves no harmful residue in the coffee. The extracted caffeine is even put to good use, becoming the foundation for carbonated drinks. And the water used in the process? It's filtered and used as feed for cattle or recycled for future batches, making this method not only delicious, but also eco-friendly.

So why settle for decaf coffee that's been treated with harsh chemicals when you can enjoy the smooth and creamy taste of Peru Santa Cruz decaf, made with a clean conscience? Treat yourself to a cup today and taste the difference!


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