Kalingwe is an area just to the south east of the Rwenzori mountains.It is on the Bushenyl escarpment which forms the eastern edge of the Western Rift Valley, and the altitude is in the range of 1600-1800 m.a.s.l. Our farmers typically each have about 2 acres of land and coffee is their main cash crop. The farmers carefully select ripe cherries which are then collected on a daily basis and transported across the rift valley to our new processing facilities at Kisinga. Here the cherries are floated and graded before sun-dried under our polytunnels to protect them from rain. Our team turn the cherries several times each day to ensure even drying whilst allowing the cherries to mature and develop their full rish flavours. This takes about 10 days after which the cherries are hulled on site and again carefully sorted before being taken to Kampala ready for export.


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